Identify with the mind and with it heal the brain.

Emotional intelligence comes from emotional health.

Brain Education Is At The Door. Please Embrace It.

Emotionally Healthy Brain Generates Emotional Intelligence.

The cover article explaining the background of the magazine.

The emotional health magazine cover.

The magazine will create wisdom via emotional health, making America an emotional health superpower. Bringing health, happiness & prosperity to all sections.

Experts describe mental health and emotional health as different. Not only is there not a single magazine for emotional health; there is no mention of, let alone action on the emotional health crisis.”— Sajid KhanWASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, April 18, 2021 / -- Please pray for the success of the first-ever magazine in the world on emotional health. Below is the photo of a rough first page of the magazine. The professional version is being worked on and will be made ready soon. The aim of this magazine is to make the world emotionally healthy. As the highest quality of emotional health is wisdom, we need to focus on creating emotional health to create wisdom.

Amazingly, several articles on the web describe mental health and emotional health as different, and yet there is no emotional health magazine. The world will hopefully have its first emotional health magazine soon.

It is even more amazing that all that our leaders and experts talk about is trying to fix the mental health crisis even though our experts describe emotional health as different. Not one leader has ever mentioned the far more prevalent emotional health crisis.

The brain and mind are defined as just the mind, leaving the brain, that projects emotional health, ignored and even miseducated. Thus the emotional health crisis is under the radar screen of our experts. Even when the mind is messed up, as the mind is a projection of the brain, it is the brain that needs healing.

No wonder mental health is such a big crisis. We keep teaching the mind even when it is the brain that needs healing. Talking to the mind and healing the brain need to be clearly defined.

Drugs are rightly used to cure physical brain problems but are also wrongly used to cure the more prevalent emotional brain health problems.

It is high time we took up brain healing therapy for the old and emotionally healthy upbringing for the young.

Please google, 'sajid wisdom einpresswire'.

Here is the cover of the magazine:


The magazine promoting wisdom via emotional health. Issue 001

After all these hundreds of years of researching wisdom, wisdom is still fuzzy. From wars to bloated defense budgets, drug addictions to suicide, from messed up healthcare to student and business failures, from the education mess to the declining social standards, from divorce to abusive relationships, unhappiness, depression, and sleeplessness, it is all due to our experts being ignorant of the true nature of wisdom.

Wisdom is defined as knowledge when these are related but separate entities. The very nature of wisdom is far more than just knowledge. Wisdom is about feeling. Wisdom is about attitude. Wisdom is about how knowledge is handled. Knowledge has to be taught, while wisdom has to be cultivated. As our experts keep trying to teach wisdom, the world is trapped in ignorance.

Simply changing the definition of wisdom is the first step to stop the draining of trillions of dollars, along with stopping all the suffering and pain. Creating wisdom will replace these losses with a surplus of trillions along with priceless health, happiness, and prosperity.

Wisdom above all is pure love, and just as love is an emotion, so is wisdom. Wisdom is an emotion that is generated by an emotionally healthy brain. Thus we must define wisdom as emotional health. To create wisdom we need to create emotional health.

There is a scientific hint in the Torah about wisdom. When the nation of Israel was being set up God gave humility to seventy future leaders of Israel. What God actually gave was wisdom. So the most accurate definition of wisdom comes from God! God defined wisdom as humility. Wisdom being humility all we need to create a wise world is to create humility and wisdom will emerge effortlessly.

There are many causes that mess up emotional health, like poverty, discrimination, injustice, etc. but we will focus on addressing the mother of all causes, the cultivation of trophy self, and group images.

So in order to solve the nation's ills, the Biden-Harris and world governments need to focus on creating emotional health through humility.

Your humble editor

Sajid Khan

PS: I have reached this stage thanks to all my friends all over the world. All those friends who help in making this magazine a success can proudly claim to be founders of this magazine.

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4th R Foundation
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