Group – China (Wenzhou) Traveler’s Forum 2023 was Opened To Seek a Joint New Chapter of Integration for “Cultural Tourism Spring”

Wenzhou, China / TimesNewswire /  March 23, 2023 – On March 17, Group – China (Wenzhou) Traveler’s Forum 2023 was held in Yandang Mountain, Wenzhou. The forum was under the guidance of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, sponsored by Wenzhou Municipal People’s Government and organized by Wenzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Broadcasting and Tourism, Yueqing Municipal People’s Government and Group, with the theme of “New Vision, New Format, New Journey”, and its content included high-end keynote dialogues between experts and scholars in the cultural and tourism industry, the release of group Gourmet Lists of Zhejiang and Wenzhou, and the investigation of Wenzhou’s cultural and tourism resources. It further promotes awareness of the city brand of “Millennium Commercial Port-Blessed City of Wenzhou” and the cultural and tourism brand of “Wenzhou-Poetic Wonderland” both online and offline through the annual cultural and tourism event, and the forum will facilitate deep integration and high-quality development of Wenzhou’s culture and tourism industry.

Before the forum, Liu Xiaotao who is a member of the Standing Committee of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee met with some of the participating representatives at the Wenzhou Municipal Administrative Management Center. There was an in-depth discussion on the development of tourism destination, attracting cultural and tourism projects, cultivating trending cultural tourism topics, and the economic development of events to seek the development integration of culture, tourism and sports. Those who attended the opening ceremony of Group – China (Wenzhou) Traveler’s Forum 2023 were Zhu Shanzhong who is Ambassador of the United Nations World Tourism Organization, Tang Lan who is Senior Vice President of Group, Shi Aizhu who is a member of the Standing Committee of Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee and Minister of Publicity Department of Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee, Chen Yingxu who is the Deputy Mayor of Wenzhou Municipal People’s Government. Also attended were the heads of urban cultural and tourism department of super destinations, representatives of well-known cultural and tourism enterprises, experts, scholars, representatives of the Chamber of Commerce, heads of relevant departments of Wenzhou, travel Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), and media. Those who delivered an online speech for the opening ceremony through video were Jane Sun who is CEO of Group, and Sun Guizhen who is Vice President and Secretary-General of the China Travel Agency Association.

In her speech at Group – China (Wenzhou) Traveler’s Forum 2023, Shi Aizhu announced that the clarion call for the deep integration of culture and tourism in the whole province has already sounded, and Wenzhou has also proposed to create a new cultural industry pattern of three capitals, namely, the capital of Chinese arts and crafts, the capital of Chinese opera, and the capital of Chinese cuisine, and the three cities, namely, the city of fashion and creative design, the city of national reading demonstration, and the city of Chinese folk museums adding the capital of tourism and leisure. She hoped to deepen exchanges and collaboration with leading cultural and tourism enterprises in government, industry, and business to achieve deeper and higher levels of synergy with greater scope for integrated development innovation.

According to Zhu Shanzhong, Wenzhou is an important tourism town in Zhejiang and is both the birthplace of ancient Ouyue culture and a city of mountains and waters, connected to rivers and sea, with mountains and cities embracing each other and a merger of land and sea. It is expected to further explore, in this forum, the potential to promote the quality of the tourism industry growth in Wenzhou and to contribute cultural background and innovation capabilities to Wenzhou’s construction of a high-quality tourism city.

Through a video, Jane Sun who is CEO of group, also conveyed her blessing to Group – China (Wenzhou) Traveler’s Forum 2023. It was mentioned by her that Wenzhou is the birthplace of landscape poetry and an important node of the Maritime Silk Road, which is presently exploring and promoting international cultural and tourism exchanges and collaboration to showcase the Ouyue cultural characteristics, the story of Wenzhou be told and spread the Chinese voice. The holding of this forum will further help the spread of the cultural and tourism brand of “Wenzhou-Poetic Wonderland”, and promote the high-quality development of Wenzhou’s cultural and tourism industry. group will continue its strong collaboration with Wenzhou, by empowering the whole industrial chain to attract passengers, creating a new benchmark for super destinations, and promoting rapid development at a larger scale, deeper and higher level for cultural and tourism in Wenzhou.

Suggestions were made by the experts via keynote speeches, high-end dialogues, and theme forums, to jointly study the development trends of the cultural and tourism industry. It has brought excellent keynote speeches from the respective professional views of Zhang Hui who is the Deputy Director of the Expert Committee of the World Tourism Cities Federation (WTOF), Feng Xiang who is Dean of the Shanghai Branch of EURICUR and Ph.D of Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Li Xinjian who is the member of the 14th Five-Year Planning Expert Committee of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Executive Dean of the Capital Institute of Culture and Tourism Development of the Beijing International Studies University and expert of the Zhejiang Provincial Culture and Tourism Think Tank, and Zhu Yunhua who is the Secretary of Party Group and Director of Wenzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Broadcasting, and Tourism to discuss a new blueprint for the high-quality development of the cultural and tourism industry in destinations under global perspectives.

Zhang Xu who is Vice President and General Manager of Government Collaboration Department of Group, had released the Report on the Trends of Booking in the Spring Travel Market in China 2023 on the spot. Discussed by the experts how to seize the new opportunities from the restart of cross-border tourism for domestic destinations, to better carry out international cultural and tourism exchanges and collaboration by focusing on the cultural and tourism brand of “Wenzhou-Poetic Wonderland”, and themed with the “Opportunities and Challenges of China’s Inbound Tourism Restart”. There was brainstorming by experts on two propositions of “integrated development of world-class tourism destination industry” and “innovation of marketing models of characteristic cultural and tourism industry”, based on Wenzhou and looked at the world by putting forward more feasible solutions for Wenzhou to build a world-class tourism destination.

Wenzhou has lasted for thousands of years, is a city of mountains and waters, and is a legendary business capital of talents as well. In recent years, it has anchored the positioning of “Millennium Commercial Port-Blessed City of Wenzhou”, and has continued to innovate, from the international tourism destination city branding, cultural tourism market consumption boost, urban cultural tourism industry upgrading, and other dimensions, which shows the market a vibrant development picture. It was especially at a time when the national tourism market heated up continuously, the cultural and tourism industry of Wenzhou is taking the express train of industry recovery and actively innovating content benchmarks. Group – China (Wenzhou) Traveler’s Forum 2023 is precisely the strong collaboration between the super symbol of “Millennium Commercial Port” and “Poetic Wonderland” with Group. As Group’s strongest IP of the year, CTF has brought together authoritative lists, annual marketing activities, 100-million-tier brand exposure of the whole network, and other advantages, which will further accelerate the reputation of Wenzhou’s cultural and tourism branding in China and the world.

The best scenery of Yandang Mountain is shown as the twilight shines on Lingfeng. The guests stepped on the twilight and enjoyed the “Lingfeng Night View” of Yandang Mountain after the main sessions of Group – China (Wenzhou) Traveler’s Forum 2023. By vigorously developing at this moment the night cultural tourism economy throughout the province, the improvement of the “Lingfeng Night View” night tour product will further be activating the new system of night cultural tourism consumption in Wenzhou. Group – China (Wenzhou) Traveler’s Forum 2023 has comprehensively demonstrated the cultural ethos, strength, and confidence of Wenzhou, and raised the popularity and reputation of Wenzhou’s cultural tourism brand. Through this forum, the urban cultural soft power, international influence and urban comprehensive competitiveness of Wenzhou will be further enhanced, and cultural works, products and tour products with distinctive Wenzhou features will take a step further into the world.

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