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Is It Possible To Combine A Furnace And A Heat Pump At Your Home?

Is It Possible To Combine A Furnace And A Heat Pump At Your Home?Photo from Unsplash

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Furnaces and heat pumps are both great heating solutions, and they can function even better when used in tandem with each other!

Home and business owners are constantly looking for improved HVAC efficiency in order to reduce their emissions and promote more eco-conscious property management.

Although heat pumps are an incredibly tech-savvy HVAC solution, they’re not always the best option as a primary heat source for homes in cold climates like northern Utah. Furnaces can also be a bit of overkill when your property only requires a moderate heating capacity.

Below, we’ll be detailing why certain people choose furnaces and heat pumps and why Utah homeowners are enjoying the benefits of combining both heating solutions!

Why Northern Utah Properties Choose Heat Pumps

Heat pumps have been incredibly popular since the 1970s, and these systems use electricity—which subsequently is great for emissions. They work very similarly to air conditioners because they utilize refrigerant to temporarily absorb heat in one part of your home and expel it to another.

Heat pumps also feature a reversing valve that fluctuates how the system’s refrigerant flows, which means that the outside coils can become the low-pressure side and absorb heat when it’s cold outside.

Heat pumps are also widely known for their energy efficiency, and they’re considered to be at least three times as efficient as conventional furnaces. This is partly due to the general lack of heat lost in the exhaust process, which isn’t quite the case with fuel-burning furnaces.

Northern Utah homeowners also love how heat pumps can operate as both a cooling and heating system. One benefit of this multifaceted HVAC system is that you can impact both your heating and cooling systems when you invest in repairs and maintenance, which helps you remain better prepared for fluctuating seasons each year!

Why Northern Utah Properties Choose Furnaces

Gas furnaces are the standard heating solution for most residential properties in northern Utah. There’s absolutely no denying just how sufficient furnaces are in terms of heating capacity, and they’re also very reliable when snowstorms and frigid temperatures come through our region.

Gas furnaces are also usually more affordable as compared to heat pumps when a property already has a natural gas utility line. Some homeowners also prefer the operational functionality of furnaces in comparison to heat pumps. Furnaces are capable of producing a higher temperature rise, which makes indoor air feel warmer.

Furnaces also tend to have a longer service life than heat pumps, especially when they’re properly maintained with the annual help of HVAC technicians.

Take Advantage of a Dual-Heating System!

It definitely is possible to combine a furnace with a heat pump, but only when an HVAC system is specifically designed to work this way. Dual-heating systems will more than likely use a furnace as the auxiliary heating option, rather than solely relying upon their heat pump option.

This combination allows northern Utah homes to get the heating capacity that they need during our harsh winters, while also maintaining their efficiency goals throughout the rest of the year.

Here’s what you need to know about this type of dual-heating system:

Meeting Your Property’s Heating Demands

When it comes to residential heating, a lot of people think that their HVAC system should be oriented around potential outdoor air temperatures. This approach tends to neglect the basic fact that every home is different, and this specifically pertains to the ways in which a home loses its heat. So, it’s important to remember that heating up your home is equally about making up for your property’s heating loss as it is combating our frigid winter temperatures!

Outdoor temperatures undoubtedly will impact your home’s heating strategy; however, you also have to consider your property’s roof condition, insulation, number/type of windows, and your window coverings.

The more your home loses heat, the more heating capacity you’ll ultimately need to stay comfortable. By combining both a heat pump and furnace at your home, you can better ensure that your system will consistently meet your unique heating demands.

How The System Switch Occurs

Dual-heating systems are typically controlled through a system’s control board and a thermostat. The system will monitor both indoor and outdoor temperatures to know when it’s time to switch from a heat pump to a furnace, and it’ll also detect when your heat pump isn’t quite doing enough to maintain your desired indoor temperature.

And many dual-heating systems will also switch to a furnace when the weather gets extremely cold, because this will help to maintain the system’s heating efficiency.

Lower Heating Costs

Heating and cooling are often what comprise the highest percentage of residential energy costs, which is why countless northern Utah homeowners are looking for ways to save in this particular area.

Although gas furnaces won’t be as efficient as heat pumps, they’ll end up costing less during extreme cold snaps. And during moderate temperatures, heat pumps will help you minimize heat loss.

The end result of these dual-heating systems is a comprehensive pairing that minimizes your heating costs throughout the course of each winter!

Fewer Emissions

Dual heating systems also do wonders when it comes to reducing a home’s overall emissions. Your furnace will only run when it’s absolutely needed to maintain your property’s heating capacity, which can reduce your emissions by at least 50%.

A lot of northern Utah homeowners don’t realize just how much extra heating emissions they produce each winter, and this type of comprehensive HVAC approach is an eco-friendly way to save money and reduce your home’s carbon footprint.

Reach Out To Beehive Heating & Air To Learn More About Combining A Heat Pump & Furnace At Your Home!

Beehive Heating & Air is a top-rated HVAC service provider that supports the entire northern Utah region, and we’re here for your home when you’re interested in combining the forces of a furnace and heat pump to create a cutting-edge heating solution.

Reach out to us online or call us at 801-849-3860 to learn more about our selection of furnaces and heat pumps!

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