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StartFleet LLC Devise Method to Help Non-U.S Residents Register Businesses in The Country and Obtain an EIN At Pace

By: Magic PR

Since its inception, StartFleet has helped individuals and businesses set up limited liability companies (LLCs) in the U.S. With 80% of their customers being non-U.S. residents, they’ve built a reputation for offering the quickest, easiest, and most comprehensive process to apply for a company, EIN (tax ID number) and bank accounts.

Today, StartFleet are proud to announce that they’ve devised a method that can help non-U.S. residents apply for and register a business in the country in record time. Critically, new businesses can expect to receive their EIN as soon as 5 business days rather than the usual 25-60 days.

Global entrepreneurs and start-ups regularly ask the question, why register a U.S. company? With reputational, tax, capital, and banking benefits to name but a few advantages, StartFleet’s ability to help non-U.S. residents obtain an EIN at a rapid pace enables them to access such benefits, apply for bank accounts, and begin trading quicker than ever before.

Below, we outline how StartFleet helps non-U.S. residents apply for a company, EIN, and bank accounts in record time:

Obtaining an EIN in just 5 business days speeds up the process of entering the U.S. market:

An EIN is crucial for those businesses hoping to register within the U.S., as it is required to start doing business in the country and to apply for bank accounts. While U.S. residents with SSNs can apply EIN numbers the same day, non-U.S. residents typically have to apply for this through mail or fax. This can lead to long waiting times and slow down the opportunity to experience the reputational, tax, and capital benefits of a U.S. company. The waiting period for non-U.S. residents can range from 25 to 60 days or more. In 2021, during the COVID pandemic, non-U.S. residents may wait up to 4 months for their EIN to be issued.

StartFleet says their method drastically speeds this up. To that end, StartFleet has developed a streamlined, proprietary method to get EINs to StartFleet customers in the shortest possible time – legally within 5 to 8 business days.

StartFleet continues to devise methods to cement its position as the quickest and most comprehensive way to register an LLC company in the U.S.

For those hoping to register a U.S. company, speed is an essential factor. While an EIN is crucial, the quicker a new business can set up bank accounts, Stripe or PayPal accounts, U.S. phone numbers and mailing addresses, and obtain company debit cards, the quicker they can begin operating in the country.

StartFleet is renowned for being a hassle-free and remote Corporation and LLC formation provider that focuses on non-U.S. residents. With vast experience and success in their field, they offer a 100% online process. From company formation and bank account setup to startup perks and annual compliance assistance, they provide everything non-U.S. residents need to run a company like a local. Their method allows business owners to take advantage of U.S. business operations and consumer markets while focusing on planning and strategizing rather than dealing with the often complex and time-consuming responsibilities of setting up and operating an LLC.

Thanks to their continued efforts to help non-U.S. residents set up an LLC in the country at speed and their plethora of startup and ongoing business support, more companies than ever are registering their operations within the U.S.

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StartFleet allows you to focus on planning and to strategize your next big idea. Unlike other competitors, we assist with everything you may require, including company formation, assistance with bank accounts, domain names, phone/fax, website legal forms, payment processing, tax filings, and everything in between. StartFleet also partners with various vendors and companies to help you as a founder. To date, our partner network offers more than $500,000 in perks and rewards to boost your business:


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