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Protect Business Emails From Compromising Data Breaches With LetzRelay Internet Email Cyberscoring and Security

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LetzRelay specializes in analyzing email systems with a secure cloud-based relay and provides an instant cyberscore for all inbound business emails. The company offers an all-in-one email security solution to safeguard digital assets.

LetzRelay-MX offers a revolutionary cloud-based service that allows companies to protect organizations and employees against threats to digital assets via inbound phishing, spam, and ransomware emails. According to a recent FBI report, phishing and hacking attempts continue to grow more frequent, sophisticated, and successful each year. 

“We protect a business's operations and reputation by combining innovative approaches with multiple detection engines and artificial intelligence deep analysis processes,” LetzRelay founders said. 

Data from a 2022 Verizon investigation into data breach statistics shows approximately 85% of business data breaches involve a human element. Often, an employee mistakenly opened an email link that looked legitimate, only to find their computer locking up as an intruder slipped into the company's server. LetzRelay serves as an additional layer of protection, stopping such attacks before they can wreak havoc.

The All-In-One Email Security Solution

LetzRelay was developed in Luxembourg, where the maintenance team is located. The software is the most cost-effective email security solution on the market. It virtually eliminates the need to maintain technical users and end-user awareness of security risks. 

As the sophistication and professionalism of email-based data continues improving, the burden on users increases proportionally. Many employees disregard warning messages, and companies are left to rely on the technical barriers in place to either block the incoming emails or potentially lose them in quarantine—along with any potential business leads.

The LetzRelay-MX all-in-one system thoroughly analyzes and cross-checks each element of an incoming email with an artificial intelligence-powered smart engine and various investigative tools. Users receive clear, easy-to-understand indications that explain issues in suspicious emails while deactivating dangerous inbound messages. Workers can operate without anxiety about opening a destructive email and damaging the company's digital systems. 

“The future is digital,” LetzRelay representatives said. “Let’s keep it safe.”

LetzRelay integrates smoothly with any standard email server technology without downloads or installation. The cloud-based email protection software delivers cyberscores for each inbound message, isolating dangerous links and attachments. The program also generates reports of the holistic analysis for ongoing end-user education. 

Complex Security, Simple System

— Verify that emails were sent from legitimate servers. 

— Cross-check the sender’s technical and identity reputation. 

— All links are checked and simulated. Suspicious links are deactivated according to the company’s guidelines. 

— Attachments are thoroughly checked for type, scanned for viruses and malware, and simulated to predict system impact. 

— An analysis report is generated to highlight the underlying risks in clear and precise language, and safe emails are delivered. 

— LetzRelay-MX requires no compromise on performance, as the optimized process runs in less than two minutes. 

— Cloud-based software requires no installation. 

— Fully supports Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and any standard email server technology. 

Increasing Digital Threat Awareness

LetzRelay operates an active blog with regularly posted articles to help educate the public on various aspects of digital security. The blog also covers the latest phishing, hacking, spoofing, and other methods to attack a company through email. Businesses stand to accrue substantial hits to their profitability and reputation after a data breach. With LetzRelay, clients can bypass the hidden costs of failing to secure inbound emails and avoid problems before they occur. 

“LetzRelay-MX is more than a technical cloud solution,” the company’s founders said. “It comes with a 24/7 security service to supervise and monitor your platform.” 

Versatile Packages and Pricing

Some companies receive substantially higher email volume than others. LetzRelay offers multiple pricing packages suited to various business sizes and the expected number of email analyses. Prospective clients can open a free trial account for 14 days, analyzing five emails per day. 

“We need to change the strategy,” LetzRelay founders said. “Harden the weakest link. Provide clear and accurate indications that easily identify the danger for end-users.”


Visit the LetzRelay website to learn more about the company's innovative email protection software and how it can benefit digital security. Reach out on LinkedIn to connect with the brand through social media. 

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