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H2Plus Revolutionizes Water Molecule To Combat PFAS: A Global Breakthrough in Environmental Innovation

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In a groundbreaking achievement, the team at H2Plus led by chemist Gene Dedick from Grand Junction Colorado, has unveiled a revolutionary solution to combat PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) “forever chemicals”.   PFAS are a class of man-made chemicals used over decades to make many consumer goods water-, grease- and stain-resistant.   Several studies have linked PFAS to cancers, thyroid disease, and other serious health concerns.  

The H2Plus Process creates a patented altered water molecule that is altered in bond angle and length.   While exploring the molecule's benefits in other areas, the H2Plus team discovered that the application of the water molecule to PFAS-contaminated water resulted in a drastic reduction of PFAS contamination in some cases and total destruction of the PFAS chemical In others. 

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is attempting to regulate the production and use of these chemicals. Still, they are already in much of the world's water supply and difficult to clean up and destroy.   As stated by Mr. Dedick  “They are called forever chemicals because they were designed to be indestructible.”

What sets this innovation apart according to company CEO David Hauschild is that it is a scalable, simple, green solution,  “The water molecule which comes out in gaseous form, is still just simple H2O, with no chemical additions, but exhibits supercharged behavior.”  

This “supercharged” water molecule, according to H2Plus, is providing great benefits in many areas including desalinization, emissions, and agriculture.  In addition to its ability to combat PFAS forever chemicals.  

Mr. Dedick “We were beyond excited to see the ability of our molecule to destroy PFAS in a relatively short period and turn it into harmless elements.”    One problem with many PFAS remedies is that, in addition to the great expense, these methods only “capture” the harmful PFAS chemical but it is not destroyed.   The captured PFAS is then left to be stored somewhere like a cave or burned.  The H2Plus solution could eliminate this additional costly step of PFAS disposal and be far more environmentally friendly.     

This breakthrough holds immense promise for addressing the global issue of PFAS contamination, which has posed significant challenges to government and industry.  The company hopes to be able to assist in the cleanup of both drinking water and the clean-up of contaminated water at industrial sites.  To that end, the company is already partnering with environmental engineering firms to further prove the effectiveness of the H2Plus molecule.       

This breakthrough holds immense promise for addressing the global issue of PFAS contamination, which has posed significant challenges to environmental sustainability. PFAS, widely used in various industrial applications, has been linked to adverse health effects and environmental degradation. With the H2Plus solution, there is now a powerful and eco-friendly tool to mitigate PFAS pollution. The stability of the restructured water molecule ensures its effectiveness in breaking down PFAS compounds, leading to a cleaner and healthier environment.

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