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Production of dancing musical fountain precautions

In the production of dancing musical fountains, each kind of dancing musical fountain for construction requirements are different, focusing on the need to pay attention to the following points:

1, Dancing music fountain pool to carry out a number of mechanical tests to prevent the collapse in the production.

Dancing music fountain pool is an important part of the dancing music fountain, due to the dancing music fountain produced by the water needs to accumulate in the dancing music fountain pool storage, so to ensure that the dancing music fountain pool can withstand a large enough pressure, which is also the important significance of the mechanics test, but also can effectively avoid construction accidents.

2, To dance music fountain building around the set building power distribution room, to ensure that the construction process of electricity.Construction, whether it is dancing music fountain or other structure casting, the demand for electricity is very large, need to build a special power distribution room, used to solve the problem of electricity distribution. And in the construction of dancing music fountain, also want to ensure the safety of the construction of electricity.

3, Pay attention to dancing music fountain type, according to different types of dancing music fountain, the implementation of different construction programmes.Whether it is a musical fountain or game fountain, different dancing music fountain type for the construction requirements are different, so in the production of a variety of dancing music fountain programme to be prepared, in order to ensure that the construction process is more smooth.

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