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Unilong Industry: What is Coconut Diethanolamide (CDEA)

Coconut diethanolamide, or CDEA, is a very important compound that is widely used in cosmetics, personal care products and pharmaceuticals. Coconut diethanolamide is described in detail below.

What is Coconut diethanolamide´╝č

CDEA is a non-ionic surfactant with no cloud point. The character is light yellow to amber thick liquid, easily soluble in water, with good foaming, foam stability, penetration decontamination, hard water resistance and other functions. The thickening effect is particularly obvious when the anionic surfactant is acidic, and can be compatible with a variety of surfactants. Can enhance the cleaning effect, can be used as an additive, foam stabilizer, foaming agent, mainly used in the manufacture of shampoo and liquid detergent. An opaque mist solution is formed in water, which can be completely transparent under a certain agitation, and can be completely dissolved in different kinds of surfactants at a certain concentration, and can also be completely dissolved in low carbon and high carbon.

What is the function of Coconut diethanolamide?

CDEA is obtained by the reaction of the fatty acids in coconut oil with aminoglythanol, and its chemical structure contains two hydroxyethyl groups. These two hydroxyethyl groups make n, n-di(hydroxyethyl) cocamide hydrophilic, so it is used as an emulsifier, thickener, and emollient in cosmetics and skin care products. In addition, cocamide itself has high permeability and transdermal absorption, which can effectively moisturize the skin and improve dry and rough skin problems.

Due to its excellent emollient, soft and emulsifying properties, it is widely used in cosmetics, personal care products and pharmaceuticals. In cosmetics, it is often used as an emulsifier, thickener, emollient and antioxidant, which can effectively improve the texture and efficacy of products. In personal care products, it is often used as an ingredient in shampoo, body wash, conditioner and other products to effectively moisturize hair and skin. In pharmaceuticals, it is often used as an ingredient in medicinal ointments, moisturizers, and skin care products to effectively improve skin inflammation and dryness.

Coconut diethanolamide can also be used in the textile printing and dyeing industry, can be used as a textile detergent, and other textile additives ingredients, such as thickener, emulsifier, etc., is also an important component of synthetic fiber spinning oil, CDEA can also be used in the electroplating industry and shoe polish, printing ink and other products.

Recommended dosage

3-6% in shampoo and body wash products; It is 5-10% in textile auxiliaries.

Product storage: avoid light, clean, cool, dry place, sealed storage, shelf life of two years.

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