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Howard Bloom Portrayed by Michael Gandolfini in “Bob Marley: One Love” Epic Biopic in Theaters

Howard Bloom Portrayed by Michael Gandolfini in "Bob Marley: One Love" Epic Biopic in Theaters

Michael Gandolfini plays Howard Bloom, Bob Marley's publicist and the man Channel4 TV calls "the Einstein, Newton, Darwin and Freud of the 21st century."

Bob Marley was one of the defining musical visionaries and profits in the 1970’s until his sorrowful passing in 1981. His new biopic starring Kingsley Ben-Adir and directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green is an epic translation and recreation of his life and times and reggae song bringing Marley, his band and family back to life. One such character depicted in the film is historic publicist, visionary, author and prophet Howard Bloom portrayed by Michael Gandolfini who represented Marley during the Uprising Tour and during the sad months before his death.

Howard Bloom’s press agent journey contained the most iconic and prolific artists who ever lived including that of Michael Jackson, Billy Idol, Prince, Aerosmith, Queen, Billy Joel, Bette Midler, Joan Jett, Lionel Richie, Billy Idol, Supertramp, ZZ Top, Kiss, Alice Cooper, Run DMC, and over 300 others including Bob Marley. However, Bloom was much more than a publicist. He not only captured their canvases and painted a masterpiece for his clients in arenas and stadiums, but he also became an advisor, a trusted confidant and a friend to those he represented….

In his Best Selling book “Einstein, Michael Jackson and Me: A Search For Soul in the Power Pits of Rock And Roll” Bloom eloquently details his behind the scenes stories of the people he represented. One such story is that of Bob Marley.

In 1980 after working towards exposing the already iconic Marley in the United States he received a phone call. Bloom recalls “I was told that Bob was dying of cancer in a Swiss clinic, and that nobody could know because the paparazzi hunted him. Every morning Bob came down from his room, looked at the newspapers from around the world and checked to see if anyone wrote about his illness. If they didn’t, he spent the day playing soccer outside. If there was one mention of his cancer, Bob stayed in his room, sitting in the dark. My job was to make sure Bob received every day as one to live.” 

After eight months of feeding stories about Marley to the media without divulging his location or his medical condition he said “I got a call from a woman who told me that Bob doesn’t need me anymore. It was one of the worst experiences of my life. It meant that Bob had given up on living. The pilot light inside him went out and he was dead two weeks later”…..Howard Bloom

 In the case of Bob Marley, sometimes the tempest comes and whips the earth from our feet. With music, you can express things that go beyond what you say with words. The most important instrument in the palette of sound can actually be the dialogue. The music is written in contact with the story and what happens in the story resonates in the music and creates a vivid language. There will always be a place where his music finds a voice….. even in silence.

 The very fact that the character of Howard bloom was included in this motion picture shows that sometimes when bonds are tested, we understand that there are bonds that last for a lifetime, no matter how frayed by fate. The impact that Bloom had on Marley (and many of his clients) shimmers and vibrates through the cosmos.

About Howard Bloom

Aside from being the most famous press agent to ever walk the planet, Howard is an author with a myriad of best-selling books including: “The Lucifer Principle”, “The God Problem”, “Global Brain”, “How I Accidentally Started the Sixties”, “The Genius of the Beast”, “The Muhammad Code” and of course “Einstein, Michael Jackson, and Me.” He is also a world-renowned scientist and often compared to that of Einstein, and Freud. Bloom also created The Howard Bloom Institute whose mission is “to upgrade, uplift, and empower humanity. HBI aims to accomplish this through the promotion of the work and ideas of Howard bloom that offer a new perpetual lens through which to see everything inside you and everything around you in whole new ways.”

The official website for Howard Bloom may be found at

The official website for the Howard Bloom Institute may be found at

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