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New book “Purge Yourself” by Pav Lertjitbanjong is released, a breakup recovery guide to letting go of yourself: reprogram your mind, heal, and unlock your spiritual breakthrough.

New book "Purge Yourself" by Pav Lertjitbanjong is released, a breakup recovery guide to letting go of yourself: reprogram your mind, heal, and unlock your spiritual breakthrough.

“Purge Yourself” by Pav Lertjitbanjong has been released worldwide. This 312-page guidebook is a holistic approach to self-healing and personal development that combines scientific research, spiritual principles, and empowering self-reflection practices. The author, a certified divorce coach and data scientist, invites readers to examine their lives, habits, thoughts, and surroundings and take the essential step of purging what isn’t serving their best interests to end their heartbreaks and start anew. 

Lertjitbanjong’s expert experience navigating relationship issues, coupled with her own heartbreak journey, creates a “breakup recovery guide” that covers a broad base of personal issues while feeling deeply personal for each and every reader. With practical, actionable advice and practices that address topics such as self-doubt, limiting beliefs, body image, anger, denial, and so much more, “Purge Yourself” is proven to be the ultimate breakup book - a must read for anyone dealing with a heartbreak and wanting to reclaim their show.

Through this poignant guide, people can learn to let go of their past and transform breakups into a catalyst for healing and positive, life-changing transformation.

Purge Yourself (ASIN: B0B7F366R6; ISBN: 9798843087210) can be purchased through Amazon and its partners. The ebook retails for $2.99 (introductory price, limited time only,). The paperback version will be launched on 9/01/2022 and retail for $14.99.

About the book:

PURGE YOURSELF is the ultimate Breakup Recovery guide to help you prioritize self-careheal emotional wounds, rediscover your awesomeness and transform your breakup into your spiritual breakthrough. You know that just breathing isn't living! 

WARNING!!! Possible side effects: Your ex WILL regret losing you. And you WILL begin to heal, snap out of anxiety, fear and other BS in life, love and live fearlessly again.

After your breakup, perhaps you might have gone on a vacation, developed new hobbies or even found someone new to spend time with. All these activities can be healthy and helpful for you to temporarily take your mind off your breakup. However, once the party is over, you're sitting at home by yourself, wondering why you're still feeling sad, lonely, scared, anxious and/or angry. No matter how hard you try to suppress those feelings, it's inevitable you must face the fact that there's still this hole inside your heart that's screaming, "Look at me! I'm in pain and in need of healing."

This book will take you on your healing journey by inviting you to examine your holistic self (e.g. body, mind, soul) so you can understand yourself better and Purge Yourself—let go of your(old)self—from your emotional wounds and limiting mindset. So you can move on, heal, rediscover yourself and unlock your spiritual breakthrough.

You will also discover how to:

● Purge yourself from a ‘Pigsty’ and stop living on autopilot

● Find your ‘Heaven NOW’ place and snap out of a depressive mode

● Say goodbye to the ‘Ghost’ of your past and perform the ‘Relationship Funeral’ ritual that kick starts your healing process

● Detach from your heartaches with the ‘Analytical Meditation on Impermanence’ technique

● Stop being a Ferrari with a Hyundai Engine and start healing

● Effectively deal with ‘Spiritual Vampires’ in your life

● Face your anger and grow your ‘Angry Tree’ into self-growth

● Rebuild a positive self-image that your breakup may have damaged

● Fill up your 'Love Tank', love and live fearlessly again through the life-changing magic of Purging Yourself


About the author:

Pav Lertjitbanjong is on a mission to help heal broken hearts. She believes this world is full of wonders and is an advocate for true love and happiness. As a Certified Divorce Coach and author, Pav’s enjoyed writing and vlogging as outlets in sharing lessons she’s learned to help people navigate through #MomentsOfReset in love and life.

Inspired by her Data Scientist training, Pav is passionate about deriving solutions through careful analyses and self-reflection. Through her work, she’s created a series of powerful practices and invited you to practice a form of analysis on yourself, heal, positively transform and rediscover yourself.

Pav also runs an online Self-Care Aromatherapy Gift Shop called "Moments of Reset" ( where you can find and share unique (and at times unconventional) self-care, aromatherapy and wellness products that are packed with love and healing messages.

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