Alternative Replacement of Vishay HVCC Series Y6P HV Ceramic Capacitor by HVC Capacitor N4700 Series

Alternative Replacement of Vishay HVCC Series Y6P HV Ceramic Capacitor by HVC Capacitor N4700 Series
Vishay HVCC Series Alternative Replacement.
HVC Capacitor are good alternative option for Vishay's HVCC series same spec model.

Nov 27, 2020 - Shenzhen, China - American famous Electronic component Manufacture Vishay in 2019 March have present their new HVCC Series High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors in blue epoxy resin (produce in Vishay plant in South China Huizhou city). This is to replace another famous Japanese name Murata’s E.O.L DHR series capacitor. Frequently use item like DHR4E4C102K2FB (15KV 102K, ZM), DHR34A102M2FB (10KV 102K, B).

Comparing to Vishay’s HVCC Series, HVC’S N4700 class ceramic capacitor with much more advantage on material, performance and pricing, lead time. Many Murata’s original customer using Vishay’s capacitor replace Murata’s ceramic capacitor, but still facing big problem for pricing, very long lead-time (from 12 weeks) and feasibility for purchasing.

Following is comparison table between Vishay HVCC Series and HVC Capacitor:


HVC Capacitor

Vishay HVCC Series


Temperature coefficient

N4700, Class I

Y6P , Class II

Class I capacitor with better stability, high frequency performance, insulation resistance than Class II capacitor.

Dissipation factor



Class I capacitor with much lower D.F than Class II Capacitor, means longer working life

Max Working Temperature

85℃ to 100℃



Max Cap. Spec

30KV 1000PF

20KV 1000PF

HVC offer up to 30kv ,Vishay standard 20kv



Typical Spec


15KV 2000PF

20KV 2000PF

30KV 1000PF



15KV 2000PF

Vishay nominate their “15kv 2NF” as unique product in industry. HVC Capacitor’s 15kv 2NF even 20kv 2NF present in end of 2019. Already replacing some Vishay’s 15KV 2NF x-ray project.

Ageing Test

15kv 1000pf survival 1800 continue hours in rated voltage

Survival 1000 hours in 125% rated voltage


Lead Time

<= 3 weeks

12 to 15 weeks

Vishay leadtime too long, and customer even buy stock from open market,cause big risk.

Technical Comparison:

HVC Capacitor N4700 series ceramic capacitor majorly used in Medical and Industrial X ray, NDT and high voltage power supply application. With better performance than Vishay’s HVCC Y6P series, and much better cost and lead time. Class I N4700 is better than Class II Y6P. Vishay announce they present industry unique 15KV 2NF model, infact HVC Capacitor not only have 15kv 2NF N4700, even provide 20kv 2NF N4700 and 30kv 1NF, N4700. HVC standard product range is boarder than MURATA (max model 15kv 1000pf ZM) and Vishay(max model 20KV 1000pf). Customer using bigger capacitance capacitor can use less quantity component and saving PCB total cost. And simplify their product design.

Cost and lead time Comparison:

Vishay’s HVCC series as replacement for Murata’s DHR series capacitor, but Vishay with even higher price than Murata. Customer using less component number, but capacitor unit price become higher, actually not able to achieve aim for cost down.

HVC N4700 class capacitor generally only 50% price of Vishay’s product. Many customer using Vishay to replace Murata item, they're starting to consider HVC Capacitor as more perfect option.

Since Vishay is world-class company, they have complete distribution channel, so product price is surely in higher side. End customer also complaining their long lead time, they have no choice to accept 12 to 15 lead time,especially in urgent situation while stock shortage, they even need to find stock from open market, which is high risk for their purchasing. HVC Capacitor standard lead time is 3 weeks. Customer can both direct purchasing or buy from local distributor.

HVC Capacitor has established international distribution channel, with agents from Japan, Korea, Germany, France, U.S and Malaysia, Singapore. Customer can easily get stock from local distributor and offer them local popular payment terms.

HVC Capacitor start as alternative and replacement for Murata’s high voltage capacitor from 2018.8 and even earlier. Many world-class customers like NIKON, ABB, BHGE, KONICA MINOLTA, SHIMADZU(UK), JOHNSON & JOHNSON already using HVC CAPACITOR as replacement for Murata’s item.

For Chinese and Asian market, government hold new policy of “domestic substitution” for high end electronic component, many Chinese local machine maker more and more looking for high performance component to replace import name like Vishay and Murata. HVC Capacitor will be their good choice.

Kindly check here for more detail:

VISHAY HVCC SERIES Y6P Alternative & Replacement:

HVCC103Y6P101MEAX - HVC item:HVC-10KV-DL07-F9.5-101K (10KV 100PF N4700)

HVCC103Y6P151MEAX - HVC item:HVC-10KV-DL08-F9.5-151K (10KV 150PF N4700)

HVCC103Y6P221MEAX - HVC item:HVC-10KV-DL09-F9.5-221K (10KV 220PF N4700)

HVCC103Y6P331MEAX - HVC item:HVC-10KV-DL10-F9.5-331K (10KV 330PF N4700)

HVCC103Y6P471MEAX - HVC item:HVC-10KV-DL12-F9.5-471K (10KV 470PF N4700)

HVCC103Y6P681MEAX - HVC item:HVC-10KV-DL15-F9.5-681K (10KV 680PF N4700)

HVCC103Y6P102MEAX - HVC item:HVC-10KV-DL16-F12.5-102K (10KV 1000PF N4700)

HVCC103Y6P152MEAX - HVC item:HVC-10KV-DL21-F12.5-152M (10KV 1500PF N4700)

HVCC103Y6P202MEAX - HVC item:HV-10KV-DL23-F12.5-222M (10KV 2200PF N4700)

HVCC153Y6P101MEAX - HVC item:HVC-15KV-DL07-F9.5-101K (15KV 100PF N4700)

HVCC153Y6P151MEAX - HVC item:HVC-15KV-DL09-F9.5-151K (15KV 150PF N4700)

HVCC153Y6P221MEAX - HVC item:HVC-15KV-DL09-F9.5-221K (15KV 220PF N4700)

HVCC153Y6P331MEAX - HVC item:HVC-15KV-DL12-F9.5-331K (15KV 330PF N4700)

HVCC153Y6P471MEAX - HVC item:HVC-15KV-DL14-F9.5-471K (15KV 470PF N4700)

HVCC153Y6P681MEAX - HVC item:HVC-15KV-DL16-F12.5-681K (15KV 680PF N4700)

HVCC153Y6P102MEAX - HVC item:HVC-15KV-DL18-F12.5-102K (15KV 1000PF N4700)

HVCC153Y6P152MEAX - HVC item:HVC-15KV-DL24-F12.5-152K (15KV 1500PF N4700)

HVCC153Y6P202MEAX - HVC item:HVC-15KV-DL26-F12.5-202K (15KV 2000PF N4700)

HVCC203Y6P101MEAX - HVC item:HVC-20KV-DL08-F9.5-101K (20KV 100PF N4700)

HVCC203Y6P151MEAX - HVC item:HVC-20KV-DL11-F9.5-151K (20KV 150PF N4700)

HVCC203Y6P221MEAX - HVC item:HVC-20KV-DL13-F9.5-221K (20KV 220PF N4700)

HVCC203Y6P331MEAX - HVC item:HVC-20KV-DL14-F9.5-331K (20KV 330PF N4700)

HVCC203Y6P471MEAX - HVC item:HVC-20KV-DL16-F9.5-471K (20KV 470PF N4700)

HVCC203Y6P681MEAX - HVC item:HVC-20KV-DL19-F9.5-681K (20KV 680PF N4700)

HVCC203Y6P102MEAX - HVC item:HVC-20KV-DL22-F12.5-102K (20KV 1000PF N4700)

VISHAY 615 SERIES (orange color epoxy resin), Alternative & Replacement:

615R100GATT25 - HVC item: HVC-10KV-DL10-F10-251K (10KV 250PF N4700)

615R100GATT50 - HVC item: HVC-10KV-DL13-F10-501K (10KV 500PF N4700)

615R100GATT68 - HVC item:HVC-10KV-DL15-F10-681K (10KV 680PF N4700)

615R100GATT82 - HVC item:HVC-10KV-DL16-F10-821K (10KV 820PF N4700)

615R100GAST10 - HVC item:HVC-10KV-DL07-F7.5-101K (10KV 100PF N4700)

615R100GAST25 - HVC item:HVC-10KV-DL10-F10-251K (10KV 250PF N4700)

615R100GAST50 - HVC item:HVC-10KV-DL13-F10-501K (10KV 500PF N4700)

615R100GAD10 - HVC item:HVC-10KV-DL17-F10-102K (10KV 1000PF N4700)

615R100GASD10 - HVC item:HVC-10KV-DL17-F10-102K (10KV 1000PF N4700)

615R100GATD25 - HVC item:HVC-10KV-DL23-F12.5-252K (10KV 2500PF N4700)

615R100GAD25 - HVC item:HVC-10KV-DL23-F12.5-252K (10KV 2500PF N4700)

615R100GAD33 - HVC item: HVC-10KV-D23-F15-332M (10KV 3300PF Y5T)

615R100GAD47 - HVC item:HVC-10KV-E25-F12.5-472M (10KV 4700PF Y5U)

615R150GATT10 - HVC item:HVC-15KV-DL08-F10-101K (15KV 100PF N4700)

615R150GATT25 - HVC item:HVC-15KV-DL11-F10-251K (15KV 250PF N4700)

615R150GATT39 - HVC item:HVC-15KV-DL13-F10-391K (15KV 390PF N4700)

615R150GATT50 - HVC item:HVC-15KV-DL14-F10-501K (15KV 500PF N4700)

615R150GATT75 - HVC item:HVC-15KV-DL18-F12.5-751K (15KV 750PF N4700)

615R150GAST10 - HVC item:HVC-15KV-DL08-F10-101K (15KV 100PF N4700)

615R150GAST25 - HVC item:HVC-15KV-DL11-F10-251K (15KV 250PF N4700)

615R150GAT50 - HVC item:HVC-15KV-DL14-F10-501K (15KV 500PF N4700)

615R150GATD10 - HVC item:HVC-15KV-DL18-F12.5-102K (15KV 1000PF N4700)

615R150GAST50 - HVC item:HVC-15KV-DL14-F10-501K (15KV 500PF N4700)

615R150GAD10 - HVC item:HVC-15KV-D17-F10-102K (15KV 1000PF N4700)

615R150GAD22 - HVC item:HVC-15KV-D25-F15-222M (15KV 2200PF Y5T)

615R150GAD25 - HVC item:HVC-15KV-D26-F15-252M (15KV 2500PF Y5T)

Following shows MURATA Obsoleted item, HVC Capacitor already well replacing them:

DHR4E4A102K2BB - HVC item:HVC-10KV-DL15-F10-102K (10KV 1000PF N4700)
DHR4E4C102K2FB - HVC item:HVC-15KV-DL18-F12.5-102K (15KV 1000PF N4700)
DHRB34A102M2BB - HVC item:HVC-10KV-DP15-F10-102K (10K 1000PF Y5P)
DHRB34C102M2FB - HVC item:HVC-15KV-DP18-F12.5-102K (15KV 1000PF Y5P)
DHRB34B102K2BB - HVC item:HVC-12KV-DL16-F9.5-102K (12KV 1000PF N4700)
DHR4E4B101K2BB - HVC item:HVC-15KV-DL07-F9.5-101K (15KV 100PF N4700)
DHRB34C471M3FB - HVC item:HVC-15KV-DP13-F9.5-471K (15KV 470PF Y5P)
DHRB34C101M2BB - HVC item:HVC-15KV-DP07-F9.5-101K (15KV 100PF Y5P)
DHR4E4B471K2BB - HVC item:HVC-12KV-DL14-F9.5-471K (12KV 470PF N4700)
DHR4E4C221K2BB - HVC item:HVC-15KV-DL11-F9.5-221K (15KV 220PF N4700)
DHR4E4C471K2BB - HVC item:HVC-15KV-DL14-F9.5-471K (15KV 470PF N4700)

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