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Six Signs You Might Have Moral Scrupulosity OCD

Six Signs You Might Have Moral Scrupulosity OCDPhoto from Unsplash

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Amber was an agnostic with high morals. Unfortunately, she often questioned her motivations regarding her behaviors and values. “Did I really mean to give that donation, or is it my savior complex? What if God really exists and I am sinning by not believing? Did I inadvertently offend my co-workers yesterday?” She seemed determined to be perfectly good, and was harsh on herself when she realized she failed at it every time.

Does Amber’s story sound familiar? Do you often experience the urge to be perfectly good, though you know it’s impossible? Do you believe you need to do more and more each time? Is  life actually overwhelming you because you believe you are not a good enough family member, friend, neighbor, worker, citizen, etc.?

We all want to be good people. But when your worries and behaviors become excessive, you might be struggling with moral scrupulosity OCD.  Below are just six signs you might be struggling with this condition.

Constant and excessive:

1.     Doubts about personal worthiness.

2.     Quarrel with unwanted thoughts.

3.     Self-criticism and apologizing.

4.     Sense of responsibility about others’ well being.

5.     Worries about being an impostor and being found out.

6.     Engagement in “altruistic” behaviors to appease one’s mind.

If these statements sound familiar, don’t stress too much about it. There is help for you.

Be sure to consult your medical provider so they can refer you to a clinician that can conduct a thorough assessment for moral scrupulosity OCD. You might want to also go here to find a mental health provider.

Be patient with yourself. You can be imperfectly good and develop psychological flexibility. Stay hopeful. You can do it!

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