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Meet, the Company That Doctors Love More Than Gen-Z Loves TikTok

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Kimberly Powell, vice president of healthcare at Nvidia, said last week, while it is still “early days”, healthcare will probably be more affected by AI than any other area of life. – Al Jazeera News. Y-Combinator backed is poised to be at the forefront of this revolution, as the primary patient data/diagnostic tool to use at each and every doctors visit.

The team over at has fundamentally changed the antiquated doctors' visit forever.  

The multi-billion dollar problem is simple to understand, but complex to solve. Doctors spend more than 40 hours a month on tasks other than patient care. As a result, they lose an average of $66,000 every year due to repetitive tasks, while opening themselves up for clerical errors and HIPPA compliant insurance claims.  

Most importantly, they aren’t able to focus on what they do best, care for their patients.

HIPPA compliant automates tasks in seconds to doctors’ EHR by simply speaking to it, and can do tasks based on certain rules that they can set for it. Doctors spend 3.6 hours a day using Sully, as it gathers data from all of their patients, stores it, and diagnoses health concerns in real time, with just the click of a button. Co-Founder Ahmed Nasser shares, “to put that in perspective the average instagram user uses it for 33 mins a day, and the average Tik Tok user is on the app for an astounding 58 minutes per day. Still, neither comes close to how much Doctors are using Sully.”

Not only does Sully moderate and turn conversations into medical notes, it also helps with decision support during the encounter.

Perhaps the patient speaks Spanish, but the doctor doesn't. No problem for Sully. Supporting 19 languages,'s Doctor-LM is personalized for each physician at scale. Customize it effortlessly through voice or natural language to tailor the entire environment.  

“Generative AI will also be crucial in postoperative and follow-up medical treatment stages, such as when compiling a post-treatment report with patient data or reviewing a past surgery to assess its success”, Powell said. Sully is the technology supporting “the Tom Brady’s of medicine,” says CEO/Co-Founder Ahmed Omar. It is the ultimate game planning tool for medical systems.  

“There’s six to twelve people in that room operating and making decisions in real-time. And then, just like sports – a lot of athletes do this at the end of the game – surgeons also go back and look at the surgery to understand what they could have done better,” - Powell.

“You can imagine how generative AI is going to have really important utility in every stage of surgery.”

Nvidia’s graphics processing units have fuelled a boom in AI investment, turning the once little-known startup into a nearly $3 trillion company in a few short years. Still, some experts believe that the many businesses built around AI will surpass Nvidia’s market cap with consumer centric chip applications. Startups like Sully are well positioned to be a part of this wave in the years to come..

The team was formed from companies like Google, Amazon, OpenAI, and seasoned repeat founders who built a startup that scaled from $0 to $14M in sales in 22 months. They are backed by the world's top venture capital like Y-Combinator and big VCs including Amity Ventures.

Prior to Sully, the CEO Ahmed Omar was a MMA fighter in Egypt, becoming the #1 fighter in the country (holding 3x gold medals); in 2014, he fled to NYC and built a brand from $0 to $55M in e-commerce sales in 3.5 years, and in 2019, he headed back to Egypt and met his co-founder/COO Ahmed Nasser, Together, they built the #1 car parts marketplace, acquiring over 55% market share. Nasser led sales, taking the startup from $0 to $14M (RR) in sales in 22 months. Sully’s CTO, Chaitanya Gharpure has a Ph.D. in robotics and has contributed to over 25 patents for the past 15 years at Google.

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