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Addressing Mac OS Sonoma Freezes: Melbourne based IT Geeks Proposes Remedial Steps for Users Worldwide

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In response to widespread reports of Mac OS Sonoma causing freezes across various Mac models worldwide, Melbourne-based IT Geeks has stepped forward with a series of potential fixes.

Many users in Australia and around the globe report short, frequent freezes when using Mac OS Sonoma, and stuttering workflows on both new and older Mac models. The root of the issue is yet to be definitively pinpointed. However, Melbourne-based IT solutions company – IT Geeks recommends several potential remedies including resetting the System Management Controller (SMC), booting the Mac in Safe Mode, cleaning up the Mac's hard drive, and even considering a full reinstallation of the Mac OS.

IT Geeks, a renowned IT company in Melbourne, Victoria, is continually striving to keep consumers informed about the latest happenings. Currently, one of the most talked-about issues within the tech community revolves around the freezing problems associated with Mac OS Sonoma. This issue has been causing significant disruption and concern, leading many to question the stability and reliability of Apple's operating systems – says IT Geeks CEO – Brian Mathew

“The freezing problem, as reported by users in Australia as well as globally, has been observed in both new and older Mac models and can occur at any time, interrupting important tasks or regular web browsing.” adds Brian Mathew

As per their experience and infographics here, more than 55% of the problems are associated with software corruption.

As a leading IT company, IT Geeks is committed to exploring these theories and finding potential solutions for this widespread issue. “We understand the importance of a reliable operating system, and we are dedicated to assisting our clients in navigating this issue. Without a clear statement from Apple, we continue to investigate and seek solutions to this perplexing and widespread problem..” adds Brian Mathew

Firstly, IT Geeks recommends users try resetting the System Management Controller (SMC). If the SMC is malfunctioning, it could be the culprit behind the freezing of your Mac. The SMC can be reset by simply shutting down your Mac, and then pressing and holding the power button for 10 seconds.

IT Geeks suggests that users could boot their Mac in Safe Mode. If the freezing issue does not occur in Safe Mode, it is probably a software problem. From this point, users can isolate and remove the problematic software.

IT Geeks recommends cleaning up your Mac's hard drive. Over time, your Mac accumulates a lot of unnecessary files. These files can consume valuable space and slow down your Mac, leading to potential freezing. Tools like Onyx or CleanMyMac X, recommended by IT Geeks, can assist you in cleaning up these files and freeing up some space on your Mac.

Lastly, as a last resort, users may consider reinstalling the Mac OS. While this is a significant step, it is often the most effective solution if all else fails. Before proceeding with this, IT Geeks strongly advises users to back up any important data.

IT Geeks, with its commitment to providing industry-leading advice and solutions, continues to assist users in navigating through the complexities of their technological issues. They are located at Level 12/440 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000. For more information regarding the services offered, visit the company's website at

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