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New Book “The Broken Whistle: A Deep State Run Amok” Reveals the Dark Underbelly of Whistleblower Suppression in the CIA

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Pedro Israel Orta's new book, "The Broken Whistle: A Deep State Run Amok," exposes the corruption and suppression within the CIA's whistleblower system, drawing from his extensive experience as a CIA veteran. The memoir, which has earned the Literary Titan Gold Book Award, provides a compelling and honest account of the dark underbelly of the Intelligence Community.

In his award-winning memoir, "The Broken Whistle: A Deep State Run Amok," Pedro Israel Orta, a seasoned CIA veteran, exposes the harrowing world of whistleblower persecution within the United States Intelligence Community. This riveting book, which has been honored with the coveted Literary Titan Gold Book Award, offers an unflinching look at the manipulation and corruption of the whistleblower system.

Orta’s narrative, drawn from his 18 years of experience with the CIA in global hotspots like Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Middle East, coupled with his background in the U.S. Army and business world, lays bare a chilling account of how truth-tellers are vilified and marginalized. His intimate and honest portrayal of these events makes "The Broken Whistle" a compelling read.

Literary Titan, in their review of Orta’s work, notes, “The Broken Whistle by Pedro Israel Orta offers an insightful and intense exploration of the intricate world of intelligence and political dynamics... His narrative is robust and steadfast, providing readers with a clear, informative, and intimately personal journey through his experiences.” They applaud Orta’s bravery in exposing the darker aspects of the intelligence community and political landscape.

This memoir is more than just an exposé; it is a deep dive into the complex dynamics of power, corruption, and the pursuit of truth and justice. Orta's story reveals how the Intelligence Community's whistleblowing process was perverted to attack a sitting president while genuine whistleblowers faced extreme suffering and neglect.

“The Broken Whistle” is not only a personal story of struggle and courage but also a critical look at the mechanisms within the CIA that suppress dissent and manipulate truth. It is an essential read for those interested in the inner workings of intelligence agencies, the complexity of political power, and the courage required to stand up against a system that frequently suppresses opposition.

"The Broken Whistle: A Deep State Run Amok" is available now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

About the Book

In the shadows of the world's most powerful intelligence agency, a lone whistleblower dares to expose the truth. Armed with years of experience and a commitment to justice, he unveils a harrowing journey of betrayal and courage, where the very system designed to protect becomes a tool for persecution. From the perilous corridors of global conflict zones to the deceptive halls of Washington D.C., this memoir reveals the unseen battles for integrity within the realms of power and secrecy. Can one man's quest for truth prevail against the might of a system designed to silence him?

About the Author

Pedro Israel Orta is a distinguished former operative of the Central Intelligence Agency, bringing a wealth of firsthand experience from his 18 years of service in some of the world's most volatile regions, including Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Middle East. Born in Miami to Cuban exiles, his diverse background also encompasses a notable military career in the U.S. Army and a successful stint in the business world, specializing in perishable commodity sales. Orta is a highly educated professional, holding a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in Political Science and International Relations from Florida International University, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude and a Master of Arts degree in Security Policy Studies from George Washington University. His academic focus was on Defense Policy, Transnational Security Issues, and Political Psychology, equipping him with a deep understanding of the complexities of international relations and national security.

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