Beyond the Office with AI. Announcing New Features for Automated Minutes taking, Summarization, and Translation by ChatGPT

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Beyond the Office with AI. Announcing New Features for Automated Minutes taking, Summarization, and Translation by ChatGPT
AI enables the automatic generation of highly accurate minutes and summaries. Aiming for remote work beyond the office by converting conversations into data. - "Beyond the Office with AI"

Shibuya-ku, Tokyo - CEO Shunsuke Morii, developer of Teracy, the smartest metaverse for remote teams, announces the release of Teracy AI, a new AI-based product with greatly enhanced functionality. The company has begun accepting pre-registrations.

What is Teracy?

Teracy ( ) is a metaverse app that accelerates remote teams to create from zero to one through an office-like conversational experience under the slogan "Stay Connected, Stay Creative. Teracy is a metaverse application that accelerates the creation of "one" from "zero" through an office-like conversational experience for remote teams.

About Teracy AI

Development Background

Teracy has been researching and exploring ways to revolutionize communication through AI since its development in 2019. However, the lack of accurate conversational transcription and summary functions in the past has prevented us from developing products that we could confidently deliver. However, as we enter 2023, the release of highly accurate generative AI, such as OpenAI's ChatGPT, has convinced us that communication experiences beyond the real world are now possible remotely.

This led us to the development of Teracy AI, which provides an AI summary of conversations powered by the ChatGPT API (gpt-3.5-turbo) and Whisper, an automatic speech recognition system.

Feature Overview

Teracy AI ( ) automatically transcribes voice communications on Teracy, and automatically summarizes and records the main points of the conversation and next actions (Todo), making it easy to share information even with team members who are not participating in the conversation. This makes it possible to share information easily even with team members who are not participating in the conversation. In addition to companies with completely remote workforces, this system can also be used by hybrid work companies that have both office-based employees and remote team members, eliminating the communication divide between the two and supporting a more seamless business launch.

Click here for the official Teracy AI website:

AI Conversation Summary Feature Details

Automatic transcription function initiated with a single tap

AI can be invoked with a single tap during a conversation. Automatic transcription of the conversation starts immediately.

Fully automated conversation summary feature

Transcribed conversation data is automatically organized into a list of key points and todo lists. The concise summaries, which can be quickly understood at a glance, dramatically facilitate information sharing within the company.

Automatically accumulated summary list

Easily go back and share past conversations.

The automatic translation feature for global teams

The summary list is automatically optimized and translated to the reader's language preference. This dramatically improves communication challenges for global teams with different languages and time zones.

How to try Teracy AI for free

Join our official community ( ) for a free trial as soon as the feature is available.

Visit the official Teracy AI website at

About Teracy Inc.

The company was established as a spin-off in 2021 upon the sale of another business of its predecessor, Libase Corporation ( ). (Teracy will begin development within Rebase Inc. around 2019)

Twitter (English):

Company Profile

Company name: Teracy Inc.

Representative: Shunsuke Morii

Established: June 2021

Business: Development of Teracy, a metaverse application for remote teams


Media Contact
Company Name: Teracy Inc.
Contact Person: Shunsuke Morii
Email: Send Email
Phone: 09058760547
Country: Japan

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