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To meet the new trend of e-commerce marketing, Tesco Dream Group builds a new e-commerce marketing platform

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With the current global economic downturn, the real economy in many countries around the world is in trouble and the development of offline industries has been seriously affected by the epidemic, resulting in most companies facing layoffs. According to market research statistics, the unemployment rate in some countries exceeds 20%, which means that 20 out of 100 people do not have a job with a stable income. However, the online economy has bucked the trend, especially e-commerce, with major platforms such as Amazon and eBay achieving good results.

Statistics from the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) show that in 2019, the total number of Internet users in the world reached 4.1 billion, a year-on-year increase of 5.3%. The global Internet penetration rate increased from 16.8% in 2005 to 53.6% in 2019. According to eMarketer, global e-tailing sales and share of total are growing year-on-year from 2017-2019. $3.5 trillion in global e-tailing sales in 2019, representing 14% of total global retail sales. eMarketer predicts that global online retail sales and its proportion in total global retail sales will continue to grow steadily.

As internet penetration increases and market retail sales continue to grow, multiple factors are driving the steady growth of global e-commerce. Judging from the current trend, more and more jobs are becoming networked, and this trend will become faster under the influence of the epidemic. For the e-commerce industry, getting more people involved is the key to expanding the market, and service providers that offer convenient online e-commerce solutions for ordinary people will have a growing market. The epidemic has led to people going out less, spending most of their time at home and buying all their daily consumer goods online, making e-commerce platforms the biggest beneficiaries, and this growth trend will continue in the coming years. With the proliferation of online sellers and businesses around the world, the demand for online store operations and marketing is rapidly expanding. How to quickly sell your own stores or products through the Internet has become a much-needed service for many sellers.

Tesco Dream Group International (T·G for short) was established in France in 2018 and is the world’s leading e-commerce platform. As a 100% global market-oriented Internet company, T-G is entering the UK, US, Australia, Korea, South East Asia and other Asian markets starting in 2019.

In the context of the current proliferation of networking efforts and e-commerce marketing, T-G has created a new e-commerce marketing platform to provide low-cost online marketing solutions for e-commerce businesses. On the one hand, the platform undertakes the customized needs of partners, and on the other hand, it distributes the needs of partners to our members in the form of tasks to complete, and members receive commissions for completing tasks. The platform has a self-developed mature and advanced task distribution system and an efficient and fast commodity task distribution mechanism to ensure sufficient team orders and achieve high profit output for the team. Through our services, we can achieve a win-win situation for e-commerce companies, platforms and members.

This model is now market-proven, with a large number of success stories in many countries, and is popular with many people. The way of making money without leaving home is very in line with the current trend of working from home. Even people with regular jobs can do a part-time job and get extra income. Specifically, the revenue of the T·G platform is divided into the following four types:

1.Task Commission income

Employees who join the platform will be awarded different VIP levels depending on their input, and will receive different commissions for their tasks as long as they complete the tasks issued by the platform.

2.Team commission income

Users can get 5%, 3% and 2% of their daily task commissions from A, B, and C agents respectively.

3.Fixed monthly salary

Users can enjoy the fixed monthly salary and year-end bonus issued by the company as long as they invite a certain number of lower-level agents. For example, if you develop 50 VIP1 agents, then you will be promoted to Team Leader and enjoy a fixed monthly salary of 800 USDT and a year-end bonus of 2000 USDT.

4.Check-in bonus revenue

Users who keep signing in every day will have the opportunity to earn a sign-in bonus income.


T·G has a variety of income methods, we welcome anyone to join. Each new employee will be mentored by their Regional Manager who will teach them how to work at T-G, how to be a good employee and guide them step by step to become a leader in their region. In various countries, tens of thousands of people have gained financial freedom on the T·G platform.

The new economic form will inevitably produce a new wealthy class. In today’s increasingly developed online economy, T-G letter internet marketing solutions will bring a huge opportunity to revitalise the economies of countries and allow more ordinary people to achieve wealth freedom.

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