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MoonXBT’s Liquid Contract is the Go-to Choice for Crypto Future Traders

MoonXBT liquid contract

MoonXBT liquid contract

MoonXBT’s “Liquid Contract” is known for allowing investors to inject large amounts of liquidity and providing excellent liquidity for the product.

SINGAPORE, July 28, 2022 / -- As an exchange that started out focusing on crypto derivative trading, one of MoonXBT’s flagship derivative products is its “Liquid Contract” which used to be called as “Light Contract”. MoonXBT’s “Liquid Contract” is known for allowing investors to inject large amounts of liquidity as well as for providing great liquidity for the product.

MoonXBT’s “Liquid Contract” allows investors to put as much as 5,000 USDT as margins and uses up to 150 times leverages for contracts. Both two numbers are much higher compared to mainstream exchanges such as Binance which only allows investors to put 2,000 USDT as margin, adding only up to 20 times leverage. Not only does MoonXBT grant a big influx of liquidity into its “Liquid Contract”, it also provides liquidity itself so that the traders’ orders can be filled in milliseconds.

But what is exchange liquidity and why is it important anyway?

Liquidity refers to the extent of the ease with which an asset can be bought or sold at a price that is not too different from the current market price. The exchange liquidity is reflected in a couple of parameters. First, it is reflected in the difference between the ask and bid price of an order, also called the spread. Secondly, it can also be reflected in slippage, i.e. the difference between the asking price of an order and the final executed price. This is usually determined by the speed of filling the orders.

The above two parameters directly affect how easily traders can enter or exit positions that are crucial to the traders’ earnings, especially under volatile market conditions. Both spread or slippage due to the lack of liquidity can result in traders getting prices different from what they expect which will cause losses because traders usually need to bet on instant minor price changes. Any differences will lead to totally different trading results for contract traders.

Exchange liquidity is not entirely related to trading volume. For some big exchanges, even if they have rather a good trading volume, that does not guarantee liquidity. MoonXBT, as a young exchange, managed to provide excellent liquidity for its contact traders.

MoonXBT shares traders’ transaction orders on multiple exchanges to draw better market depth and liquidity. This helps minimize the market spread and the risk of slippage. With the support of the underlying technology of the exchange, the orders thrown to other exchanges can be executed instantly which ensures that traders complete their transactions with no delays.

On the other hand, MoonXBT itself has been working with liquidity providers with deep industry background to make sure the traders’ orders can be filled in milliseconds.

Last but not least, MoonXBT’s copy trading feature enables the exchange even greater liquidity in terms of crypto trading. For example, the exchange invited some influential traders, who have a cohort of diehard followers in the crypto world. With the aid of the copy trading feature at MoonXBT, the pro-trader opened a position with 5,000 USDT at 150x leverage. It instantly attracted almost 100 users to follow the order with the additional promotion by MoonXBT. In order words, the transaction volume at that moment reached 75,000,000 USDT for this single order alone which greatly increased the liquidity.

It can be seen that with the fast execution on multiple exchanges, with the support of liquidity providers, and most importantly the help of copy trading features, MoonXBT provides excellent liquidity for contract trading which helps the derivative traders to minimize risks and maximize profits.

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