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Students learn better and score higher with online tuition

Students learn better and score higher with online tuition



Has online learning entirely taken over classroom learning? Or has it been complementing it? Read to know more.

SINGAPORE, July 21, 2022 / -- In today's world, it is highly competitive for students to excel in their academics. Students need to do a lot more than just memorise and understand what's in their textbooks and what's taught in the classroom. As parents, we need to complement our children's classroom sessions with additional learning resources to help them understand subject concepts in a better way and score higher in the exams.

The standard of the syllabus and education in schools have gotten highly competitive in the last couple of years, and even students with above-average aptitude find it hard to cope with it. One reason is that the number of children enrolled in each classroom has increased, causing a decrease in the teacher-student proportion. So now, each teacher has more students than they can give the proper amount of attention to. This results in children receiving less one-on-one guidance, and it takes a slightly longer time to get their doubts cleared. With the rapid increase in population and fewer people willing to join the teaching profession, we can't say with utmost confidence that it is going to be a temporary issue.

So, how can we help our children learn better?

This is where online resources and tuition facilities come into the equation.

How online tutoring and resources can supplement your child's classroom learning:

• Anywhere-Anytime mode of learning
• Availability of online resources to refer to whenever you want. The accessibility factor is something that schools with regular time schedules can't offer you.
• More focused attention to your children. Online tutoring facilities often provide one on one sessions or even assign a mentor to each student, and they will be more accessible when compared to teachers at school.
• Can attend and learn even if your children are not feeling well enough to travel to school.
• Can clear doubts more easily.
• Having additional lessons taken by expert teachers in addition to the lessons being taught at school can bring a fresh perspective and more insight into the topics.

These are some of the many benefits that online learning along with classroom education can bring about. Online tutoring cannot completely offset school education for now. But, in the foreseeable future, we believe that it will be the primary mode of education.

Why pick 88tuition as your child's online tutoring partner?

When it comes to online tutoring, 88tuition is the best you can choose for your children. Established to make quality education through video-based learning material to all Singapore students, we have behind us the support of mentors with over three decades of experience in the education field. Making use of the latest technology available, we aim to transform the world of education and be leaders in the tuition industry. We believe our methods and mode of education can complement your child's learning and boost it to a whole new level while giving you complete control over the learning process.

What we offer:

• Subject expert mentors- with over three decades of experience.
• The latest MoE syllabus-based content is curated for the best understanding and easy learning.
• Every class is conducted engagingly to keep your child's attention in check.
• Computer-graded assignment and dashboard that helps parents and children to track their progress.
• The signup process is made in a Parent-Children structure. The parents can signup using their email and mobile-first. Then they can create child account(s) and give access to the children. They can use their account to log in and access the learning material. This way, parents and children have an independent way of accessing the content and keeping track of the progress.
• Accessibility- Your children or even you can contact the tutors regarding your child's education through various mediums.
• Discounted pricing when adding multiple subjects
• 88tuition makes it a priority to integrate the latest technological innovation into our methods of teaching. We use AI to customise and tailor the learning experience for each student. We apply it to mark individual tests and find patterns in the way children answer to understand where their strengths and weaknesses lie. This assessment is then used to assign worksheets for each student, which will help them build confidence and understand subject concepts better.

How the learning process is structured?

Video Lessons: teachers will explain the concepts with the aid of digital boards and other visual aids.

Assessments: Computer-Aided Assessments are completed by students and are reviewed by the AI-powered system.

Reviewing assessment questions: Teachers discuss and answer the questions in the assessment test in detail explaining to the students how they arrived at the answers and also showing the students how they answered so they can review it.

Additional resources: Besides the assessment questions, additional questions and learning material are provided to the students to help them learn better.

Live lessons are also being held by 88tuition. We hope to expand them and build a more effective medium for providing lessons to your children. Check out our website to know more about our online tuition Singapore.

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