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Direwolf Advertising Ltd., a pioneer in global film and media advertising, is expanding its presence in the global market

Direwolf Advertising Ltd. is a global film and media advertising company headquartered in the United States, founded in 2019. We are dedicated to creating a company that specializes in collecting reviews of films, television shows, music albums, etc., to promote the global promotion of film and television works. At the same time, we collect customer information and analyze the preferences of audiences of major film and television companies, enabling them to produce works that better match the tastes of the public. As a company full of mystery and a strong atmosphere, our goal is to bring new possibilities to the film and television industry through unique methods and innovative technologies.

Today, Direwolf Advertising Ltd. is an indispensable film review company in various film industries. With assets totaling $26.5 billion and a global workforce of 18,000, we are a subsidiary of Technicolor Creative Studios, providing various news and financial data, operating in 128 countries.

Direwolf Advertising Ltd. is a fast-growing company that has so far completed cooperation with many global film and television companies, including more than 500 partner companies such as Warner Bros., Disney, Universal, 20th Century Studios, Paramount, Sony Pictures, Lionsgate, Legendary, EuropaCorp, S.M. Entertainment, Wizcraft International Entertainment, and other major film and television production companies.

Direwolf Advertising Ltd. is constantly expanding its global market, expanding its influence and business coverage, and making positive contributions to raising the global economic level. Our professional and unique film review website, Direwolf Advertising Ltd., provides audiences with a wider selection of high-quality films, nurturing the vigorous development of the film industry. In addition, by attracting investment in film advertising, we promote the development of the film advertising industry, contributing to the sustained growth of the global economy.

Direwolf Advertising Ltd.’s mission is to promote outstanding film and television works globally, expose them to a wider audience, and stimulate more discussions and resonances about films, TV shows, music albums, and other works. At the same time, Direwolf Advertising Ltd. is committed to collecting and analyzing user data, gaining deep insights into audience preferences and needs, providing valuable market insights to major film and television companies, and helping them create more attractive and influential films.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, Mexico’s employment rate has been continuously declining. To accelerate Mexico’s economic recovery and sustained growth, Direwolf Advertising Ltd. was invited by the Mexican government to provide employment opportunities for the people of Mexico. Since its establishment, the Mexico branch has provided 190,000 jobs for Mexico, bringing stable income to these 190,000 employees and continuously increasing their family’s happiness index. We will provide more job opportunities in Mexico, allowing more people to work at Direwolf Advertising Ltd. and receive corresponding wages, improving the happiness index of the Mexican people and boosting Mexico’s economy.

Unity, confidence, self-improvement, gratitude, and sharing are the core concepts of our company, Direwolf Advertising Ltd.

Direwolf Advertising Ltd. officially entered the Mexican market in May 2022 and began operating online in May 2022. Currently, there are over 190,000 online employees. We have decided to recruit 6 million online employees in Mexico in the next 3 years.

In the future, Direwolf Advertising Ltd. will expand to more countries around the world, creating miracles in the film and television industry together.

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