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Author H.L. Howard’s “A Journey Must Be Taken – Playlist,” An Independent Press Award® 2024 Winner

Author H.L. Howard’s "A Journey Must Be Taken - Playlist," An Independent Press Award® 2024 Winner
“The 2024 Independent Press Award honorees represent the excellence and diversity of global independent publishing,” said Gabrielle Olczak, IPA President, and Award Sponsor.
Discussed His Interpretation of Tarot on Taylor Swift’s Next Career Move, and Tom Hanks’ Next Big Thing During an Interview By David Watson, Apple Podcaster Host - David Watson

New York, NY, USA - March 28, 2024 - Author H.L. Howard is celebrating a remarkable achievement as his debut book, A Journey Must Be Taken - Playlist wins the Religion: Fiction Category for the 2024 Independent Press Award. “The 2024 Independent Press Award honorees represent the excellence and diversity of global independent publishing,” said Gabrielle Olczak, IPA President, and Award Sponsor.

Howard discussed how spirituality impacts his writing. During an interview with David Watson, Apple Podcaster host, Howard gave an example to demonstrate how guidance from the Spirit and the Divine prelude people’s lives. “It shocked me that Taylor Swift, a Sagittarius, was celebrating her birthday on December 13, 1989. One day before the Super Bowl, the Katy Tarot reading channel published a video titled Sagittarius, A Perfect Miracle For You! It’s Not What You Think! So, it was perfect for Taylor Swift because she was there to watch that game. That is a miracle that happened to her!” Howard used the Super Bowl 58 win for the Kansas City Chiefs. He believes there is a reason this miracle was handed to her. “Karma is real,” Talor Swift said; he believed that Taylor Swift had the karma to repay.

“At six minutes fifty seconds, the quote was revealed. ‘One chunk now branches into two different things.’ I immediately realized her music career was at the top, but based on this reading, her next breakthrough would be in the movie industry, which I related to what was on my mind. I recently worked on a movie script that would be the perfect character for her to play. At four minutes and thirty seconds, the quote, ‘A miracle perfect for her, that is flowing upon her hair. In my book, there is a link to how they expressed love because the heroine falls in love by touching hair,” said Howard on Talor Swift’s prediction. Howard described his idea for the movie in his mind. “I mentioned this protagonist, Tauri, is to take a leap of faith. Tom H Hanks would be the perfect person to play the protagonist, and Taylor Swift would be Heroine Libi to use the music playlist to express love! That is perfect!”

Howard said, “Because it relates to my reading, I’m Taurus. On February 11, 2024, the reader, Sony A 333 Tarot, published a video titled Taurus, We Cannot Pretend This Isn’t Happening! Multiple Positive Confirmation, at the four minutes seven seconds, she mentioned, ‘Right now, your feeling is so real, that Universe has to acknowledge it, it has to validate your feeling, we cannot pretend this isn’t happening, let’s go ahead and clarify… uh seven of sword is card is a kind of card, five swords so again. We will keep going on this thing; this is real and happening.” Howard mentioned the confirmation from “Invisible Hands.”

“She showed two cards: a Moon sign representing Cancer, Tom Hanks’ zodiac sign, and Temperance, which is Taylor Swift’s sign. At six minutes and two seconds, we have a Nine of the Wand at the bottom of the deck right behind the Five of Sword. You’re not giving up, but you are always not denying. It makes things difficult because I don’t communicate with those two movie stars or singing stars. I don’t know how to do it, but I’m hoping that your listener, somehow, some way, would get this message,” Howard said.

“To further clarify the Seven of Sword, we got a hint that it is you - Taurus represented the hierophant, the Moon is Cancer, Temperance is Sagittarian, and the Ten of the Cup card is the happiest card in the tarot deck. You could deal with a Sagittarian, maybe a Cancer; I feel like Ten of Cups is the end of all for the Universe. You are going to be fine. Again, that is another confirmation: you’re going to end up in a real good place for yourself; however, we may need to adjust or adopt either timeline or what we expect to happen,” Howard reasoned. “So, this is my wish, this is my pitch! But when it is going to happen, I don’t know. Is it going to happen? This is for sure!” Howard concluded.

Howard believed his debut book, A Journey Must Be Taken—Playlist, showed how an invisible hand guides people to success. If Tom Hanks and Talor Swift star in his book and related movie, it would be an enormous success.

For the full interview video, please listen to David Watson Podcast #108 Howard Part 2

For Tarot channel “Katy Tarot” – Sagittarius, A Miracle That Is Perfect For You! It’s Not What You Think!

For the Tarot channel “Sony A 333 tarot” - Taurus, We Cannot Pretend This Isn’t Happening! Multiple Positive Confirmation.

Praise for A Journey Must Be Taken - The playlist has poured in from critics and readers alike.

Kirkus Review hails it as “An offbeat romance with an intriguing premise that will leave readers guessing right until the very end.”

New York Weekly raves, “For readers looking for a unique and emotionally rich romance novel, A Journey Must Be Taken – Playlist is a must-read.”

Booklife Reviews praises the author’s skill in melding tarot readings, energy, and music, saying, “The juxtaposition of Tauri’s experience against Libi’s perceived innocence offers readers deeper insights into the mind of both hero and author.”

Elle Canada calls it a tale of “heartfelt confessions, heartbreaking decisions, and the undeniable pull of their desires.”

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary literary journey. Get your copy of A Journey Must Be Taken - Playlist today and embark on a love story that transcends boundaries and defies destiny.

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