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Robots of Awesome: Levelling-up Indie Mobile Game Development through Iconic IP Partnerships

Pasadena, CA - September 12, 2023 - New start-up company, who dis? Robots of Awesome (RoA), an independent American game publisher, is making waves in the gaming and entertainment industries with its snappy showmanship, powerhouse team and revolutionary approach to mobile video games. Composed of creative-directing artist, scientist, and engineers that are aiming to use machine learning and generative AI to achieve the next level of mobile gaming. These innovative publishing minds at RoA enlighten and empower exceptional indie developers to bring their original and groundbreaking video game ideas into reality, leveraging globally recognized intellectual property (IP). Often referred to as the "Metatron of Mobile Games," Robots of Awesome is changing the game by marrying top-tier IP and Brands with record-breaking mobile game styles and developers.

Not to rest on their incredibly-toned and honed laurels, Robots of Awesome is also redefining the landscape of mobile gaming by partnering with iconic movie brands; breathing new life into beloved cinematic universes and expanding IP-driven worlds to new heights of immersive gaming bliss. With an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, the company has become a go-to destination for indie developers looking to reach new heights in the gaming world and IP-holders looking to re-invigorate their brands and assets.

Key Highlights of Robots of Awesome:

  1. Indie Developer Empowerment: Robots of Awesome is dedicated to supporting indie developers with exceptional game concepts, providing them with the resources, expertise, and exposure needed to turn their dreams into mobile gaming realities.

  2. Global IP Collaborations: Pulling in 184.B in revenue last year, the video game industry is bigger than the movie and music industries combined. And there’s still plenty of room for future growth. Analysts forecast that the gaming space will grow to $293B by 2027. By partnering with renowned IP, Robots of Awesome ensures that each game is backed by a strong and beloved brand. This synergy between iconic movies and cutting-edge gaming concepts is a proven recipe for success.

  3. Record-Breaking Mobile Game Styles: The Robots of Awesomes team has a proven track record of developing mobile games that break records and capture the hearts of players worldwide. Their commitment to delivering top-tier gameplay experiences is evident in every title they release.

  4. Innovation at the Core: Innovation is at the heart of Robots of Awesomes mission. They continuously push the boundaries of what's possible in mobile gaming, setting new standards for creativity and entertainment.

Robots of Awesome
has assembled an all-start team that will work regularly together to release triple-A-rated titles. Activision’s former head of production, Development executive at Sony, Disney’s interactive producer and former Samsung’s Director of Strategic Partnerships of Mobile Games, “As a team, we can say that we are excited to finally talk about the amazing projects, partnerships, and people we have been building up over the past few years here at RoA. [Robots of Awesome]. Bridging the gap and connecting the dots between games and studios, we are passionate about empowering indie developers and celebrating the magic of iconic movie brands. Our goal is to bring gamers closer to the movies they love while delivering groundbreaking gameplay experiences. We believe in the power of collaboration and the limitless possibilities it offers in the world of gaming."

Robots of Awesome has a growing portfolio of successful collaborations, with new projects and partnerships on the horizon. Their commitment to excellence and their vision for the future of mobile gaming make them a key player in the industry.

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