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On November 29, 2004, the New York State Department of Environmental
Conservation  (the "DEC") is scheduled to issue its Proposed Plan for
remediation of industrial contamination in Onondaga Lake (the "Lake") in
Syracuse, New York. There will be a ninety-day public comment period, and the
Proposed Plan is subject to review by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
The DEC is currently expected to issue its Record of Decision in the first half
of 2005.

The Proposed Plan calls for a combined dredging/capping remedy generally in
line with the approach recommended in the Feasibility Study submitted by
Honeywell in May 2004 (the "May 2004 Feasibility Study"). Although
the Proposed Plan calls for additional remediation in certain parts of the Lake,
it would not require the most extensive dredging alternatives described in the
May 2004 Feasibility Study. The DEC's aggregate cost estimate is based on the
high end of the range of potential costs for major elements of the Proposed Plan
and includes a contingency. The actual cost of the Proposed Plan will depend
upon, among other things, the resolution of certain technical issues during the
design phase of the remediation, expected to occur sometime in 2007 and beyond.

Based on currently available information and analysis performed by our
engineering consultants, management's estimated cost of implementing the remedy
set forth in the Proposed Plan is consistent with amounts previously provided
for in our financial statements. Management's estimating process considered a
range of possible outcomes and amounts recorded reflect management's best
estimate at this time. We do not believe that this matter will have a material
adverse impact on our consolidated financial position. Given the scope and
complexity of this project, it is possible that actual costs could exceed
estimated costs by an amount that could have a material adverse impact on our
consolidated results of operations and operating cash flows in the periods
recognized or paid. At this time, however, we cannot identify any legal,
regulatory or technical reason to conclude that a specific alternative outcome
is more probable than the outcome for which we have made provisions in our
financial statements.



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Date: November 29, 2004               Honeywell International Inc.

                                      By:  /s/ Thomas F. Larkins
                                           Thomas F. Larkins
                                           Vice President, Corporate Secretary
                                           and Deputy General Counsel