Filed Pursuant to Rule 424(b)(3) and (c)
                                                           File Number 333-57328

                         Prospectus Dated April 4, 2001


                               CISCO SYSTEMS, INC.

                                  COMMON STOCK

          This Prospectus Supplement supplements the Prospectus, dated April 4,
2001 (the "Prospectus") of Cisco Systems, Inc. (the "Company") relating to the
offer and sale by certain shareholders of the Company of 334,200 shares of
Common Stock of the Company. This Prospectus Supplement should be read in
conjunction with the Prospectus and is qualified by reference to the Prospectus
except to the extent that the information herein contained supersedes the
information contained in the Prospectus. Capitalized terms used in this
Prospectus Summary and not otherwise defined herein have the meanings specified
in the Prospectus.

                              SELLING SHAREHOLDERS

          Subsequent to the date of this Prospectus Supplement, the shares of
Common Stock indicated in the Prospectus to be beneficially owned by LG Venture
Investment, Inc. may be transferred in whole or in part by LG Venture
Investment, Inc. to Young J. Kim and/or Yun Gwon Kim in one or more transactions
not constituting a sale of such shares. Each of Young J. Kim and Yun Gwon Kim
will be deemed to be a Selling Shareholder with respect to any such shares that
may be so transferred to them.